Sunday, April 4, 2010

Here we go again - Indian style!!

Fans, I have heard you, and I am answering the call. I will be starting this blog (if that whats you call it....I prefer ramblings) back up and post every time I go to a new and interesting place. I have missed posting on some pretty cool places since the middle east (Jamaica, Burning Man, Switzerland, Vegas, Breckenridge, Tahoe, Mexico), so let me sum all of these up in a quarter of a second....asdfaoih. Now that that's cleared up, lets get back to where I am now; India.

I just arrived in Pune today, after spending the weekend in Delhi. Pune is where my company's office is and where I will be living for the next two weeks.

Let's learn a little bit about Delhi.....

The president has a big house.

While many a child begs on the street.

(Not that its any different in the US)

There are many, many crazy tourist things to visit in this city. It seems as if hundreds of religious felt inadequate in other ways and thought they would prove themselves by building unnecessarily large and detailed houses of worship. Lets start with the Baha'i and their lotus temple...

You may remember I visited the Baha'i Gardens in Israel back in the day....

And here is their temple in their other holy location, Evanston, IL (random)

A little over the top.

Here is Akshar Dham. I'm not sure what religion it is, but its basically some guy who preached "Be kind to others" and blah blah blah (forgive me if I offend you, but I prob will at some point). This place was crazy inside, but no cameras allowed. They make you store them at a coat check (sketchy I know, but somehow I got my camera back).

Finally we have this random temple.


Thats all the oversized temples I could deal with for one day. But I did see an oversized tomb as well. This was the precursor to the Taj Mahal (coming later in the trip....exciting)

(I came to India to lose weight)

I will leave with what could be my new favorite picture. What I would call a near death experience. Yes, this is real. The guy was trying to get me to touch it, but there was no F'ing way that was gonna happen. Only in India.

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