Friday, April 25, 2014

Chicago is like New York....Just Smaller, Colder and Cleaner (and nicer)

Decided to take a long weekend back in the homestead. Back in the old stomping grounds. Back where they put pickles on their hot dogs and invert their pizza. You know the place. The place where they decided to build an above ground train system in a cold abyss. The place where they blame all their problems on a goat (ya know as opposed to their lack of skill). You know what I'm talkin about. I'm talking about using 'Da' as a proper definite article (as in Da Bears). I'm talking about it being windy. I'm talking about....well, you know what I'm talking about. Do you?

So on a side note, I took a trip to Chicago this winter. Saw a couple of old friends. Made a couple of new enemies. Saw my reflection in a curved mirror. Stood out on a glass ledge 105 stories up. Saw some funny shit at IO theater. Got drunk in Wrigleyville. Saw the frozen Chicago River. Watched a Badgers game in Lincoln Park. Walked the (not so) Magnificent Mile. I'm sure some other stuff happened too.


Slightly farther away...

So, thats the Willis tower. You can stand out in a glass cage of emotion 105 stories up. But I wasn't scared. I'm like really tough.

There's a picture from the top. So beautiful. It really makes you appreciate God and how he blessed us with these beautiful things. Amen. However, you see off in the distance that frozen tundra? That's the frozen lake. It was cold. Like cold fo realz. It really makes you question God and how he fucks with us on a yearly basis.

Here is another example of how cold it is...


Apparently some kid jumped in the river the night before this to save his cellphone and since there no way out (walls on the sides), he wasn't too happy so his friend jumped in to save him. Then they died.

But a serious question which I have asked many times is: why did they build an above ground train system in a place so cold? Does that sound like a good idea? How did everyone else (in warmer) locations manage to put it below ground, but here they were like...just seems to make more sense to take up all this real estate, with this loud train that you have to wait for outside in the freezing cold temperatures. 

Here's that bean thing that everyone takes an obligatory picture in front of....

Turns out its not a bean....

I actually came to see my friends in Chicago and I'm just realizing that I don't actually have any picture of them from the trip (cause I'm a bad friend). So here are pictures of them from various other times....


Ah College. We were so young and in love.

I've gotten way off topic. But I think I said everything I wanted to say about Chicago. I lived there for five years and I can't think of anything significant to say. Its awesome in the summer cause of the beaches up and down Lake Michigan. Seriously! Amazing beaches stretching most of the city. And usually the water is even swimmable. So I guess the moral of this story is to go to Chicago during the summer and go to the beach. That, and fear God's wrath.

Thanks for listening...


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