Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shalom = Hello


I was in Israel back when I was 10 years old (Hmm that's like 15 years ago. I feel old). The image I remember is looking out from my Aunt's house over a valley containing a Palestinian settlement. This is exactly the image I came back to on my current trip. It seems that everywhere in Israel is either a hill or a valley (It does have the lowest point on earth at the Dead Sea). Check out the view from my cousins house.

Its pretty much like this everywhere. We went to Haifa the other day and saw the Baha'i Gardens. You've got to give it to those Baha'ians, they sure know they're gardening.

We took Agami (The 3 year old) to the park down the street today and there was a petting zoo in the park (weird). Apparently this is quite common in Israel. I saw all kinds of new and exciting species (Goats, Chickens, Ducks).

I look pretty American in my Red Sox hat and Wisconsin t-shirt (But don't tell the horse, he's Arab.....too soon?).

Tomorrow I go to my Aunts house in Ariel. A map of Israel for your convenience. Can you find Ariel? Can you find Akko, where I am now? Please let me know if you do, cause I have no idea where I am.
Later this weekend I am going to Egypt, despite travel warnings about the country (cause I'm a bad ass). Hope I live to write again.


sid's list said...

Egypt, don't we have some family history there? According to Mel Brooks there were 3 tablets with 15Commandents but 1 tablet was dropped and broke; see if you can find the pieces.
Sid & Sasha

Patrick said...

Good entry Levin...too soon? Yo, quick question. Turns out I can't go to Ohio State, and it will be difficult for Panos also. We were thinking about Oct 11, Penn State night game instead. Mark is onboard. What do you think? Let me know asap. Later.