Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well, I am having so much fun here in India, that I have decided to stay an extra week. Sorry to those waiting anxiously to see me. I will tell you, its not cause of the office food...

I don't have a lot of new interesting pictures because I have been working 14 hours a day, which is why I'm paid the big bucks. I will, as always, though, give you some of my extremely interesting observations and opinions about what I have seen....

First, there is some weird obsession with multi headed creatures here. I guess its a religious thing, so I probably shouldn't be calling it weird?

I went to the movies the other day, checked out Clash of the Indian Titans (don't see it). There's some differences between movie theaters here and in the US. First, the ones here are full of Indians. In addition, they won't let you into the theater until one minute before the show starts and everyone scrambles to find their assigned seats before the lights turn off. Yes, I said assigned seats. That means that people who come in late all need to turn their phone on to see what seats are what. Of course there are plenty of people who are just talking on the phone throughout the entire movie.....kinda rude people. Finally, they play the national anthem at the beginning of the movie and everyone stands at attention. Oh, and there is an intermission (repeat process with finding seats).

In general people seem a little less interested in other's well being here (see talking on phones during movies). This is especially true when waiting in queues and driving. I know I talked about driving before, but I thought of a good way to describe it. You know how we practice "defensive driving" in the US, well they practice "offensive driving" here (hey yo!). Its really like everyone assumes that people will be moving out of their way by the time they drive into their lane/side of street/sidewalk/anywhere. Its CHAOS. Oh, and rickshaw drivers don't like to be touched.

And here come the cows....

And people haven't even heard of the Super bowl!

You also have to watch out for the kids here. They are vicious (the homeless ones anyways). They will hunt down the white people and follow them (as in me) around for as long as it takes to get a rupee (2 cents). Your car stops at a light with kids around; they will be climbing all over your vehicle, grabbing you through the window, etc. Last time I was in India, I even almost got beat up by a bunch of 8 year olds. Ahhh kids, so precious.